Personal Emotional on Water Mobility :

The MiniJet  Capsule  is based on an watercraft enlarged keel  with fuel injected, supercharged, intercooled (SCIC) Rotax 4-TEC engine platform. (500HP)
Smaller than traditional stern drives, it frees up space for other uses.

No more short trips ! The original  Fuel capacity of the watercraft is increased from  30gal (90 Liters) to 60gal./160 l, a new fuel economy conception never used before in boats of this sizes.

Small solar panels could be located on the top, this system contributes to the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

The cockpit and the seating keep the same watercraft  physics .
On the rear part of the MiniJet Capsule is fixed a tailgate which allows user a very easy accesibility from the quay of the port.
During the navigation the tailgate can be opened till the speed of 10 knots and a suspension system help the swings in the interior.

Other energy combustion configurations like : solar power pannels, hybrid engines or electric engines are considerated for give to the MiniJet Capsule the most freedom condition ever made on the sea.

Fuel injected, supercharged, intercooled (SCIC) Rotax 4-TEC engine platform. (250HP)
Max speed : 30Knots (self limited)
Eletrically Charged  electric engine (ECEE)
Rotax E-TEC engine platform. (150HP)
Max speed : 15 knots battery autonomy (2hours navigation)